100 Days of Art

Day 11

Heating Up!

Today I did the fire tutorial.

Here it is!


Day 10

Making Waves!

Today’s tutorial is the water tutorial. I decided to do the water tile.


Day 9

The Right Way to Go!

Today was the Level Design tutorial, so I added to the top down run with a rightward moving animation. It can also be used for left, by flipping horizontally.


Day 8

Glîtçhës Gålørré¡

Today I’m back on track, this time with glïtchês!

Using a slightly updated version of the first frame of Day 0’s animation as a base, I added all four glítçhés from the tutorial.


TtaA Dá¡

Day 7

Take It From the Top!

As stated yesterday, today’s tutorial is the top-down run animation.


A short but sweet little downwards animation.

Due to the difficulty I had, I only made the downward-running animation. In the future, I may make the left-, right-, and upward ones as well.

Tommorrow I’ll be returning to the normal order.

Day 6

A New Spark!

Today’s tutorial would have been the top-down run animation, however, I have decided to reverse the order on these two, as I was having quite a bit of trouble with the top-down.

So, today we’ll do… Lightning!


A nice bolt of electricity.

Day 5

A Break.

Today’s tutorial is the first Pixel Art Fundamentals. For the next one, I’ll likely redo an old image, but for today, I’ve done… no art. However, tommorrow, I should have a new piece completed.

Day 4

A Running Start!

Alright, it’s day 4.

The tutorial for today is a simple run animation.


I’m not fully satisfied with how this turned out, but that’s ok, maybe I’ll revisit this in the future.

Day 3

A Whiff of Smoke!

Day 3, let’s do this!

Today I’ll do the next tutorial, which is a smoke effect! Day 3

It’s a puff of smoke, emitting from a wall of some sort.

Day 2

Throwing Punches!

Today is the second day of this series, so let’s dive right into it!

This time, I’ll be doing a simple attack. I went with a punch, which is also the primary example in the tutorial. Day 2

The base (i.e. first frame) is a modified version of the first frame of the idle animation I did on day 0, now with slight shading to indicate how close to the camera a part is, and the arms brought up into a ready stance.

Day 1

Oooh, Shiny!

Today is day 1 of the pixel art challenge, so I’m starting on the first tutorial:


So, for my shiny object, I’ll use the Splendid Screen, from Team Fortress 2. Day 1 Base

Then, we add a simple shine, just going down the shield. Day 1 Simple

Looks pretty nice!

But, to make it even better, we can add an extra flash to it! Day 1 Full


Day 0

Pixel art development challenge: the beginning

Today marks the start of a new art challenge for me. To start off the 100DaysOfArt, I’m going to use a tutorial to kick up my pixel art skills. Every day, I’ll be following a new one of the tutorials from this page.

Today, however, I’ve decided to start it off by drawing a simple idle animation of the character I’ll be using for this project.

So, everyone, say hello to Daniel!

Day 0 - Daniel

It’s just a simple idle animation on a white background for now, but trust me, these’ll be fun.